Friday, September 13, 2013

A grand retreat….TEAM BUILDING 2013

My article in Namaste BG

It was a really wet morning to start with, the 12th of September, and it was to drizzle all day long, in enough measure to quench the wildest of fires. But it wasn’t potent enough to dampen the spirits of the WE, Developments & POT teams! The two day ‘Team Building event’, involving these three teams, that followed, was to prove too wild a monster to be tamed by a mere monsoon.

Welcoming Durban playing Tutari
It all started with the assembly of the teams at the BG house and their subsequent departure on a five-hour long journey to the JadhavGadh Fort and heritage hotel, near Pune, our destination.   And thanks to the enterprising team members, a slog that the bus-ride could easily have been, turned into a joy-ride, complete with multiple rounds of dumb charades and antaakshari that saw almost total participation with hardly a moment passing without a laugh or a quip.  The brisk ride proved to be just the right appetizer for the sumptuous meal that was to follow.

On our arrival at the fort, situated in the midst of an array of hillocks, greenery and perfect solitude, we were greeted in the most regal manner, with the long drawn calls of Tutari and Raj tilaks, into our comfortable rooms. And then began the non-stop session of games such as Human Appliance, Balloon man, blindfolded puzzle between six teams, with each consisting of members from the three departments. Yes, the names sound crazy but the competition was even crazier in the face of terrific participation. 

The games were followed by some members taking a guided tour of the fort and museum to soak in the history and grandeur of the place, while some sought refuge in the cold waters of swimming pool, playing water games like polo. And then we had the prize distribution ceremony in some really ‘innovative’ categories like ‘Itna sannata kyun hai?’, ‘Gyaan ka saagar’ and such.

Then came the most awaited event of all: the partying in the company of booze and DJ. And as we danced well past the midnight hour, the floor was well and truly burnt.
The next morning started with a brainstorming session where we discussed, in small groups, about means to improve the collaboration between the teams and rounded up many a notable issue where we could improve upon as a team.

Then there was the auction of 6 paintings done by two of our members, which raised a total of Rs. 3 lakhs for the NGOs Vidya and FMCH.  Finally, on this noble note we bid adieu, albeit with great reluctance, to the two days of extreme fun and frolic to return back.

All in all, the roaring success of the event once again proved that such an occasion provides the perfect opportunity to not only unwind and go berserk, but  also to interact and befriend the colleagues from other teams.  So, may the legacy of team building 2013 be carried forward in all manners!

Mukesh Kumar

Petroleum Engg Graduate

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