Friday, May 17, 2013

A farewell to arms and roses. My Lolita. My Shrew. My ISM.


A farewell to arms and a farewell to roses.
A farewell in all different kinds of poses.

A farewell to the battles, a farewell to wars.
A goodbye to goosebumps and a farewell to scars.

A farewell to dreams and a farewell to stars.
A sayonara to substance and a farewell to farce.

A goodbye to love that we lost and we gained.
A farewell to hearts that we won and we pained.

And a farewell, my ISM, my Lolita, my Shrew.
Yes, we had our moments but oh very few.

Wish to hunt down the time-bird, wish I were a hunter.
To give us more moments, for love and for banter.

Wish we could make love, forever and ever.
But I know you well! You will find some one other!

So, a teary goodbye to your tantrums and snares.
And a farewell to your treasures, your bounty and cares.

Last few days at ISM and the thought of separation is tormenting me. O how I wish we could extend this affair. How I wish to re-live and renew the years gone by. So many things left unsaid. So many wishes unfulfilled. Alas! all we got to say is : goodbye.

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