Friday, December 13, 2013

Links between 'manliness' , aggression and increasing sexual violence against women

In deeply patriarchal and somewhat sexist societies, too often the popular rhetoric equates the idea of masculinity and man-hood to aggression and dominance. The pop-culture pumps up this rhetoric as well, refusing to accept 'softer' or let's say less-aggressive sensibilities in men and merrily indulges in consigning adjectives like 'weak' or 'un-manly' to them.

And to top it all, the same pop-media-culture goes overboard with their self-flagellation, on the increasing reported cases of violence, physical and sexual, against the fairer sex. All the disturbing, baying-for-blood of the accused, that regularly occur after each such event, in a perverse way, heightens the feeling of 'manliness'.

Now, one doesn't need to be a nobel-winner to figure out that the very idea of female-liberation or emancipation itself is ludicrous when we refuse to shed these ideas of 'manhood' and continue investing in the popular rhetoric.

Here is an insightful article that actually puts forward some really vital links between increasing violence against women and identity of Manliness :

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