Thursday, May 2, 2013

Asimov's Rest of the Robots : A dud in the Robots series !

The Rest of the Robots

Foundation universe # 0.2 

The Rest of the Robots by Isaac Asimov
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

[2.5 * actually.]

Who would have thought that Mr. Asimov would deliver a dud ? Not me, fur sure!
After reading the wonderful 'I, Robot', my expectations had been raised sky high, so it is rather painful to accept that 'The rest of the robots' is nowhere near its predecessor, in fact is a real disappointment with only the 'Susan Calvin' stories showing some promise.

I guess if someone has written more than 500(!) books, you ought to give him some leeway, for he is bound to falter at some point. And mind you, I sincerely believe that my disappointment with this book is more because of having gone through 'I, Robot' first. I am pretty sure that if this had been my first book in the Robots series, I would have enjoyed it much more. So that is how it stands.

That is why, I would suggest anyone willing to start Robots series, to begin with this one only, and then move onto 'I, Robots' and the rest. For that is the best way to enjoy this book, I suppose.
Anyway, hope that the 3rd installment of the Robots series will live up to the expectations.

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