Monday, December 31, 2012

What Poirot and Hastings think of Japp.

An excerpt from Christie's "the affair at the victory ball - Poirot's early cases"

" Poirot had a good opinion of Japp's abilities, though deploring his lamentable lack of  method, but I, for my part, considered that the detective's highest talent lay in the gentle art of seeking favours under the guise of conferring them ! "  
       ----  musings of Captain Hastings in 'the affair at the victory ball' 

Well that sums it up nicely, doesn't it ? With the neat little revelation that it is Captain Hastings actually who detests Japp more than Poirot, apparently.

And by the way, 'Poirot's early cases' was a reasonably satisfying read. It is collection of short, mostly crisp stories that have an old-world charm.Though I have had better experience with Christie and Poirot in past.

*Goodreads link : Poirot's early cases

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